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Gabicce Mare is definitely one of the resorts best suited to the idea of fun and relaxation, thanks to exceptional bathing facilities fully equipped for welcoming families and groups of friends, as well as for its long tradition of hospitality that has always characterized the local hotels. This long tradition means focusing on customer needs, a principle that the Hotel Alba has at heart. That is why the many services offered by the Hotel have made room for technology, to make a stay in Gabicce Mare a really perfect holiday in all respects.

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Located in a strategic position right next to the placid, relaxing Adriatic sea, the Hotel Alba is a three star hotel that offers its guests a considerable number of amenities, among which an efficient internet wi-fi connection, suitable for all requirements, both recreational and professional. In fact the holidays no longer represent a period of complete detachment from everyday life but, thanks to the social network, an opportunity to share the most exhilarating moments with friends. A real opportunity to enrich your stay in Gabicce Mare even further! Not just sharing, though: having unlimited wi-fi access also means having lots of opportunities for fun and recreation thanks to streaming; and then there’s the chance to communicate directly with the family or with loved ones far away.

In addition to wireless internet access in the Hotel Alba, you will find plenty of other facilities such as a car park for your car, the opportunity to bring your pets and many others. Choose the Hotel Alba for your stay in Gabicce Mare, the very best for the holidays!


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Via Vittorio Veneto, 15 – Gabicce Mare
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