Gabicce mountain and sea

Gabicce Mare is undoubtedly the best place for anyone wanting a holiday on the Adriatic. Located on the borderline between Romagna and the Marches, it combines two different cultures, both full of merit, abounding in kindliness and hospitality.

This connection, added to the uniqueness of the landscape, has contributed over the years to establishing the town as one of the most important seaside resorts, rapidly becoming famous both in Italy and abroad.

Gabicce Mare stands on the shores of a small inlet known as Angel Bay on account of the majesty of the place that characterises it, together with a touch of charm.

The beach slopes gently down to a blue/green sea that further out is deep enough for lovers of spearfishing. Modern purification systems have greatly improved the quality of the waters.

The lovely little tourist port of the nearby Vallugola and the mythical Valbruna, ancient, Roman port veiled in dreamlike transparency, are but two of the priceless pearls of the splendour of this landscape. Nature lovers will find plenty of possibilities for walking through unspoiled terrain near Gabicce Mare that is still scented today by the broom which dominates the local hinterland.

The scenic route proceeds in all its beauty embracing old villages on its way to Pesaro. Urbino, Gradara, San Leo, San Marino and Montegridolfo are further destinations of considerable interest and centres of historical culture in the Montefeltro Marchigiano.

Night Life

Nights in Gabicce Mare promise entertainment for both the young and the not so young. Famous night clubs such as the Baia Imperiale, Mississippi and a collection of pubs and restaurants will enliven your evenings; you can get more info on And only a few kilometres away are Riccione e Rimini, the capitals of the Romagnol nightlife with their spectacular discos and beach parties for all tastes.

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Unique panorama of Gabicce Mare



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